Project: Akane


A personal AI made with python use voice recognition to perform actions depending on the users voice command


The script requires python 3.X. and pip

You need the following modules installed for Akane


Google Text-to-Speech



pip install SpeechRecognition
pip install gTTS
pip install playsound
pip install requests
import speech_recognition as sr
import time
import webbrowser as wb
from gtts import gTTS
import os
import playsound
import random
import urllib.request
import re


To run the script


Voice Commands

“Help” → Tells the user all the command available

What is your name → says name of the AI

Tell me the time → tells the current time

search → search something in web

    - opens up a browser to show result

    - Default browser is Google Chrome

Subreddit → search in reddit

Find Location → open up location in google map

Play Music → Plays music in youtube

    - opens up a browser to play music

Games → Guess the number game with AI


updated_at 07-07-2022